Download Yuzu Firmware & Installation Guide

To play Nintendo Switch games on your PC, you need the Yuzu Firmware and Prod keys. You can easily download them from our website without any difficulty.

Yuzu is a program that lets you play Nintendo Switch games on your computer. Instead of needing the actual console, you can use this program to play these games on your PC. Although not all games work perfectly with Yuzu, it has improved a lot and can handle many games with no problems.

yuzu emulator download


Download Latest Yuzu Firmwares

VersionMD5 HASHFile SizeLinks
Firmware 18.0.08dbacdbaa4e90be98ed0706f7e90a241323MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 17.0.0907f7c99ba54ff84aba5dfc9e22df968323MBDownload
Firmware 16.0.09feda64cab86f851f1630979ae33a6d5325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 15.0.0a7023429f85fdd3a40b4661188f5b65a322MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 14.1.2 522d3c4caf11d9874dbd830907f1f36a320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 14.1.14e864e134318aa80ac06e7a676eb96d8320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 14.1.0778b4e7854afa1a0baa98c44988e68ac320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 14.0.0816010565838f30b047d0059efa8c3ea320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 13.2.1881379299c1c9cd2a4b7a90c18c9ea82320MBDOWNLOAD

These are global firmware with MD5 Hash and different versions.

Yuzu firmware is the set of instructions necessary to operate a Yuzu emulator. It includes components such as drivers, system files, and libraries that enable the emulator to run Nintendo Switch games. Yuzu firmware requires “Prod keys” which are unique encryption keys to decrypt Nintendo Switch game data. Without the firmware and Prod keys, the emulator is not able to run Nintendo Switch games on PC.


Q. Where do I put the firmware in Yuzu?

To put the firmware in Yuzu, first open Yuzu or Yuzu Early Access. Then go to the “File” option and select “Open Yuzu Folder.” This will take you to the Yuzu data folder where you can place the decryption keys and firmware files.

Q. What firmware is the Switch on?

The latest version of firmware for the Nintendo Switch is 16.0.

Q. What is the minimum requirement for yuzu?

Yuzu currently requires an OpenGL 4.6 capable GPU and a CPU that has high single-core performance. It also requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

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